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Kner History of Printing Museum - Kner Nyomdaipari Múzeum

The Kner Printing Industry Museum is situated in the former house of Imre Kner, on the same location as the current Printing House. The rustic Baroque style house was designed by Lajos Kozma, and was built in 1925.

Since 1970, it operates the country's only museum of printing. The museum's permanent exhibition presents the work of Kner family members and the history of the Kner Printing House from its 1882 founding until today. The press’s own books, art prom invitations, calendars, postcards, posters, stock certificates, various administrative and mercantile forms, contemporary photographs and historical documents are on display. The exhibition includes a fully operable bookbinding and printing press machinery, which can be used for demonstrations.

The economic basis of the Gyomai Kner Printing House was the production and distribution of administrative forms, which later expanded into providing stationeries to fit the needs of its clients. In the first years of the 20th century the founder, Izidor Kner launched tenders for designing ball invitations for artists, which were judged by a professional jury. He then printed hundreds of pages of the best artworks in his “Röpke Lapok” publication, which also worked as an ordering form and could be used for almost all social events (balls, concerts, ceremonies, etc.).

But the name Kner became known mainly because of his books. The publishing industry has already taken notice of Izidor Kner, but the rise in the quality and the quantity of orders is attributed to his first-born son, Imre Kner.
After a brief study in Leipzig, at the age of 17, he became a technical manager for Kner Printing House, and breaking from the traditions and practices of the age invented Baroque typography, which was accompanied by the book ornamentals, initials and printing marks of Lajos Kozma.  The three most beautiful historical publications displaying these, are Cseppke Három Books, Kner Classics and the Monumenta Literarum volumes. By using the Bodoni font the neoclassical style characterized the mid-1930s Kner books.

In the interwar period, Kner became the hallmark of Hungarian book publishing art at home and abroad: the publications received the highest recognition by the domestic and foreign experts in the fields of printing and typography.

The printing house was nationalized in 1949, and in 1963 it was appended to the Tevan Printing House in Békéscsaba. The Joint venture took up the name Kner Printing House in 1964 and from its headquarters in Békéscsaba established itself as a large corporation, continuously honouring the traditions of their separate pasts. By optimizing multi-site working they prevailed for nearly 30 years.

Lajos Kozma furniture
Made in 1928, and designed by Lajos Kozma this furniture collection was the property of Zsigmond Szeged and furnished the girl’s room in his Rómer Flóris street apartment.

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