Gyomai Kner Druckerei AG.


Welcome to the Webpage of Gyomai Kner Printing House!

At Gyomai Kner Printing House Ltd. we produce hardcover and paperback, colour and black and white books, pamphlets, periodicals and administrative forms, which demand high operational quality, for more than one hundred years.   
If your company or your thoughts can only be represented by the best-looking publication, allow us to handle its realization.

Calendar DivisionKnerTime 2013

Our company has started producing
its own calendar-family in 2011.

Excellent quality printing combined with fair market price. From designing to completed product in one hand.

Werkfilm of Printing House

We are on the move!

Take a closer look at our factory, employees, everyday's working processes!
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In the year 2012 our company celebrates its 130th birthday.

We are proud of the way we left behind us and preparing - and we hope shaping - the future that comes. Innovations, renewing technology and our skills that built for 130 years for one reason: to satisfy our partners.
Let this birthday be a beginning of a new partnership!